Company formation in Spain and save taxes in Spain.

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For more than 10 years I have been a Tax Lawyer from Spain, I create companies in Spain and help people like you with their businesses.

I also protect you from tax audits.

An expert tax lawyer specialises in Taxes and you engage him/her to obtain all the tax, accounting and legal support you need to ensure your company’s success in Spain, without unforeseen circumstances or surprises.

The tax lawyer will securely guide you throughout the process of investing, developing your business or creating your SL in Spain so you don’t overlook anything and have peace of mind.

Let me tell you that I love working as a Tax Lawyer, because my work consists of helping people.

My objective is to help you, provide you with an adequate accounting strategy to address your tax problems, develop your business and also protect you from the Spanish Tax Inspection Authority, which performs tax audits in Spain where necessary.

Our service is not only online, but also offline. I will be your support in Spain, your partner, throughout your entrepreneurial adventure in Spain.

If you want to create a Spanish holding, invest in our country or open a business in Spain and do things properly, I’ll show you the best way to do it so you can design the best possible tax strategy.

👉Do you want to open a business in Spain?

Let’s talk. Tell me about your business objectives in Spain and how this business fits in with your corporate strategy, and from then on I will accompany you and help you with everything you need. That’s what an expert Tax Lawyer does.

Do you want to find out how to solve your problem through our consultations?

Do you want to develop your business in Spain?

(*) More than 75% of our clients find a solution 👍 in the first consultation.

+ company formation in Spain

Álvaro Sáez, is at your service

Álvaro Sáez is the author of the Book 🖐 Don’t pay taxes and help others.

Álvaro has defended taxpayers for more than 💪 a decade in the courts against the Treasury. Álvaro wants to help people like you with the aim of not paying taxes and not having any problems with the Treasury.

Defending a fairer and more prosperous taxation for you and for all.

Abogado para recurso contra Hacienda

Álvaro also participates in various radio programmes and seminars preparing tax-related podcasts, always taking a different approach with the ultimate aim of helping others.


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Alejandro Pereira. Manager in QUADRATIA.

“A magnificent law office with a great professional in charge”.

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José Eulogio Blanco. Tax adviser in Vilalonga.

“In addition to their excellent preparation and ability to work, this is a team that you can trust.”

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Xan Sabarís. Director in SABARÍS MEDIA.

“What is rarely found in a team of lawyers: Expertise at the highest level. Unique ability to provide solutions. Attention to detail, efficiency and kindness.”

📚”In his book, «Not paying Taxes to help others» he explains the different types of Taxes, who pays each and therefore how you too can reduce your Taxes. So I recommend reading it.”

💬”The Tax Workshop takes Taxes to a more visceral and emotional level, and the truth (…) is that it exceeded my expectations and pleasantly surprised me.”

Martín Amoedo.

📚”«Not paying Taxes to help others» is a book that greatly surprised me. I didn’t know much about Taxes and it helped me a lot.”

💬”Álvaro’s Workshop is very interactive. We felt very at ease (…) and it considerably heightened our economic awareness.”

Pablo Weimar.


You can talk 🖐 to me about any issues that concern you. I’ll be happy to help you.

You can talk to me about any fiscal or tax-related issue, yes you can.

You can come to any of my offices in Spain, but you can also consult with me online 🖐 by videoconference (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom or any other means you prefer/you choose).

If you need help with Taxes or with Tax Audits in Spain, I’m here to help you.

➡️If you have queries about doing business in Spain, ask Álvaro Sáez, the expert tax lawyer.

Company formation in Spain. Success after success. We will win🏆.

With my method I will help you with your tax in Spain.

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Listen to the customer

icono abogados flexibles y creativos

Flexibility and creativity

icono abogados leen y estudian cada caso

Read and study each case individually

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Commitment and trust with the client

Efficiency and security



Taxes and benefits



Find your solution




⭐Your trusted person to design your strategy in Spain⭐

➡️We will help you with your Spanish Holding.

➡️How to convince your international group to invest in Spain.

➡️Public Limited Liability Company.

➡️Distribution of dividends to a foreign parent.

➡️Foreign investment in Spain.

➡️Incorporating a Private Limited Liability Company (SL).

➡️Method for reducing Taxes in Spain.

➡️We clarify your queries about doing business in Spain.

With my customised service you can establish your business in Spain in 📆 7 business days.

If you want to incorporate your business with every guarantee, contact ☎️ SAEZ.LAW and I will advise you.