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🥇SUCCESS CASE🥇: ALBERTO DOPICO, businessman in La Coruña

From having to pay💸300 000 euros to the Treasury to 0 euros.
Thanks to the Tax Lawyer, Alvaro Sáez.

Discover in this video 🎥  Alberto’s most personal testimony

Trust 👍 is the key to a better future, without any problems with the Treasury Audit.

When you face the Tax Agency it is sometimes difficult to understand 🤷‍♂️ what happens, what is happening and, above all, rely on what will happen in the future.

Alberto had a very, very serious problem ❌. Here’s his story:

‘I felt like Paco Martínez Soria in the movie La ciudad no es para mí’.

Being able to count on someone, like a Tax Lawyer, and be sure that you are in good hands 🖐 is essential in order to move forward with the future solution to your problem without any worries and in complete trust.

Alberto tells you:

‘I put myself in the hands of someone who, to me, is the best Tax Lawyer’

In addition to Alberto, in these past 12 years many other people have expressed their gratitude for everything we did for them by leaving their opinion on Facebook and Google.

Below you can read what others are saying about us on Facebook. Hopefully one day you too can say that we solved your Tax and Tax Inspection problems thanks to Álvaro Sáez, the No. 1 Tax Lawyer.

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Jose Eulogio Blanco.Tax Adviser in VILALONGA
“In addition to their excellent preparation and ability to work, this is a team that you can trust”.

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Foto Facebook Xan

Xan Sabarís. Director in SABARÍS MEDIA
“What is rarely found in a team of lawyers: Expertise at the highest level. Unique ability to provide solutions. Attention to detail, efficiency and kindness”.

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Facebook Pablo

Pablo Martín Ferrera. Lawyer in LINKLATERS
“Alvaro is decisive and efficient. Very knowledgeable of the laws and of the way the administration works. He brings great added value”.

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Alejandro Pereira. Executive in QUADRATIA
“A magnificent law office with a great professional in charge”.

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Imagen Juan sobre reseña en Facebook

Juan Luis Martín. Manager in MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS
“They are professional and efficient at an adjusted cost”.

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Marta Abengózar Muela. Founder of CAIPO
“Pleasant manner. Knowledgeable and efficient. Great professionals. Thank you team”.

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Alberto Picallo.
“A great team of professionals. I fully recommend them for their problem-solving capacity”.

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Vicente Gomez Barreiro. Clinical Psychologist
“Fantastic work, constant, and intelligent. This is how you get good results”.

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María Ucieda Díaz. Academic Cordinator of EBF Business School
“Working with SAEZ.LAW is easy, agile and always secure. They solve all your problems and queries with the guarantee of finding the best solution. They provide a strategic perspective that exceeds expectations. 100% recommendable”.

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ushar Shetty. Manager at Casa do Sear
“Álvaro Saez is very professional and knowledgeable, he helped us to make a business plan and also to discover our goals and vision”.

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Noelia Martínez. Founder NM makeup
“Very professional, 100% recommendable!”.

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Alberto Gómez Troncoso. Carrier.
“I would just like to thank them for the great job they did with my father, Manuel Gómez, both for their friendliness and for the services provided”.

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567 cases🥇won🥇 speak for themselves.

Judges and courts share the same opinion Álvaro Sáez, Tax Lawyer Nº1,  knows how to defend 💪 its clients. They vouch for us, providing us the reason case after case, for more than 10 years.

After 567 victories, 🏆 it seems that something else other than luck is on our side.

At SAEZ.LAW we know about taxes, we know the law ⚖  and we have found a way to prove it again and again. In the following links, we can see how we have  annulled sanctions, justified tax benefits and demonstrated errors on behalf of the Tax Agency, all backed by opinions from judges and courts.

⭐It seems easy because we make it so⭐.

If you want your team to win🥇, it’s all in your hands to do so.

Our collaborators, all of them winners, they corroborate with their own words in the following videos:

«SAEZ. LAW presents efficient solutions and with positive results. Álvaro Sáez is a superb, experienced professional who achieved 100 % success in my case».

«I trust Álvaro for his professional career, his clarity and honesty. He has saved a lot money for my clients with the Inheritance Tax».

«The attention provided to the client is excellent. He offers security and confidence. Their always positive results have led not only to the benefit of my clients, but also to my management agency».