Este producto te permite hacer una consulta con el Abogado Fiscal N.º 1 en España y resolver tu problema de Impuestos con Hacienda. La consulta puedes hacerla por videoconferencia (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom o como tú quieras) o con una reunión física en nuestras oficinas.


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Jose Eulogio Blanco.Tax Adviser in VILALONGA
“In addition to their excellent preparation and ability to work, this is a team that you can trust.”.

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Xan Sabarís. Director in SABARÍS MEDIA
“What is rarely found in a team of lawyers: Expertise at the highest level. Unique ability to provide solutions. Attention to detail, efficiency and kindness”.

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Pablo Martín Ferrera. Lawyer in LINKLATERS
“Alvaro is decisive and efficient. Very knowledgeable of the laws and of the way the administration works. He brings great added value”

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Alejandro Pereira. Executive in QUADRATIA
“Magnífico despacho legal con un gran profesional al frente”.

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Juan Luis Martín. Manager in MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS
“They are professional and efficient at an adjusted cost”.

Marta Abengózar Muela. Founder of CAIPO
“Pleasant manner. Knowledgeable and efficient. Great professionals. Thank you team”.


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“Gran equipo de profesionales. Recomendables 100% por su capacidad de resolución.”.


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“Fantastic work, constant, and intelligent. This is how you get good results.”.

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“Trabajar con SAEZ.LAW es fácil, ágil y siempre seguro, resuelven todas las problemáticas y dudas con la garantía de encontrar la mejor solución. Aportan una perspectiva estratégica que va más allá de lo esperado.100% Recomendable”.

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“Álvaro Saez is very professional and knowledgeable, he helped us to make a business plan and also to discover our goals and vision.”.


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“Súper profesional, 100% recomendado!”.


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“Tan sólo darles las gracias por el gran trabajo que realizaron a mi padre Manuel Gómez, tanto por el trato recibido como por los servicios prestados”.


A consultation with the right Tax Solicitor may be the solution to solve your tax problems and win the match against the Treasury.

Why 🤔 a Tax Solicitor and not a tax advisor?

A tax advisor can also help you, but there are issues that demand complete attention and the tax advisor is usually too engaged to be able to dedicate the time ⏰ you need.

Almost all the tax advisors from Pontevedra (Spain) have heard of my work, and many work with me and recommend my services.

I’ll give you some advice: start by talking to a tax advisor and have them contact me.

Why 🤔 do tax advisors in the province of Pontevedra (Spain) recommend me?

Because they have seen the positive results I've achieved when confronted with the Treasury Inspectorate in Pontevedra (Spain) and A Coruña (Spain). If a lot of taxpayers have saved thousands of euros with me, why wouldn’t you want to save as well?

If you need help with taxes or with the Treasury Inspectorate, that’s what I’m here for, to help you.

The No. 1 🥇 Tax Solicitor in Spain is the most secure way to solve your tax problems with the Treasury Inspectorate.

Did you receive a black letter from the Treasury?

Don’t worry. There’s a solution. I want you to talk to me, tell me what happened to you with the Treasury Inspectorate, and from now on I’ll be with you to help with everything you need.

➡️ This is what I do, this is what a Tax Solicitor does.

My goal is to help you pay the taxes that you owe and no more. If it could be zero, all the better.

I love ❤️ what I do, it amuses me and it gives me great satisfaction to help people like you, people who are asked by the Treasury to pay taxes that they do not have to.

It gives me pleasure to see the look of relief on my client’s face when I tell them they do not have to pay taxes, that we have beaten the Treasury. Oftentimes they become quite emotional and even cry. It's quite a nice experience.

The Treasury Inspectorate isn't always right ❌. The Treasury Inspectorate often requires you to pay more taxes than you should.

For this reason I am committed to cancelling the settlements and sanctions that arise from Tax Inspections.

Do you want free yourself from debt with the Treasury? I would be happy to see you liberated.

Tell me what happened to you and I'll tell you what you can do.

I want to ask you a favour. Don't feel guilty.

If the Treasury Inspectorate says 💬 you don’t have to pay taxes and then asks you to pay taxes, it doesn’t always mean that you have to. Things aren’t like that.

The law is there to comply with it. You have to comply with the law, but a Treasury Inspectorate also has to comply with the law. And I’ll tell you something you might not have heard: “The Treasury does not always comply with the law”.

If you want to know if the Treasury complies with the law, a consultation with a tax lawyer is a good option 👍.

➡️ My job is to make sure that the Treasury Inspectorate complies with the law, that it applies the correct law to your case, and that the law does not make you pay a lot of taxes, nor the law that is most convenient to the Treasury, but the law that proceeds.

The Treasury Inspectorate investigates you, but I investigate the Treasury Inspectorate and oftentimes I find it.

I find it very common with people like yourself, whether it is out of fear, guilt, lack of experience or knowledge in tax law, to not defend themselves against the Treasury and end up paying 💰 more taxes than they owe.

What is happening to you happens to a lot of other people, and besides, it has already happened to you and will happen to many others.

No one explained to you how to do it, no one told you that it could be done that way and now they tell you that “the lack of knowledge in the rule does not exempt you from complying with it”.

Well, I say the same thing to the Treasury: Even if you are a tax inspector, you also have to comply with the law. No one is above the law.

Do you want to know about the treasury and taxes?

Well, I'm happy 😊 to show you, all you have to do is contact me. Make a consultation with the no. 1 Tax Solicitor in Spain.

Taxes may seem very complicated and difficult to understand, but taxes are just like anything else. You just have to dedicate some time to studying them. Knowing about taxes is not rocket science, it isn’t sending rockets to the moon. All you need is to dedicate some time to them and you will end up learning about them.

I have dedicated more than a decade of my life to studying 📚 taxes, and during our consultation I can answer any questions you may have about taxes and the Treasury.

The consultation can be done by videoconference (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom or using any other mean you choose) or with a face-to-face meeting in our offices.

➡️ But regardless of how we do the consultation, rest assured that your questions on the Treasury and taxes will be answered.

Just because the Treasury says you have to pay doesn't mean you have to pay 💰. Pay only the taxes you owe and no more, if you owe any tax.

Taxes are nothing more than just money, and anything that has to do with money has a solution. Leave your doubts behind and consult a Tax Solicitor.

Leave your doubts behind and find out whether or not you owe taxes to the Treasury.

Ask somebody who knows about taxes and get an answer from a professional.

Consult with a Tax Solicitor by videoconference or in Pontevedra (Spain), whichever is more convenient to you.

Reduce your expenses and save taxes when consulting a Tax Solicitor. There is no faster way to solve your questions and save you taxes than a consultation with a Tax Lawyer.


. ¿Con qué tipo de abogado se efectuará la consulta?

La consulta se efectuará con un abogado senior fiscalista.

. ¿Qué es un abogado fiscalista?

Un abogado fiscal es ese abogado especializado en Impuestos al que contratas para recurrir contra Hacienda y recuperar tu dinero.

. ¿Cómo se efectuará la consulta?

La consulta legal puede ser efectuada mediante SKYPE 💻 y/o reuniones físicas en nuestras oficinas.

. ¿Qué ámbitos legales cubre la consulta?

La consulta legal abarca únicamente el ámbito jurídico financiero y tributario.

. ¿Cuáles son los métodos de pago para la compra de este servicio?

Tarjeta de crédito/débito (Visa-Mastercard-Tarjetero-euro 6000) 💳.

. ¿El precio del servicio incluye IVA?

En su caso el precio del producto incluye IVA.

. ¿Es posible tener una consulta legal con el abogado senior antes de la compra del servicio?

No, no es posible tener una consulta legal antes de la compra del servicio.

. ¿Cuáles son los pasos a seguir una vez finalizada la compra del servicio?

Finalizada la compra del servicio, enviaremos un correo electrónico 📧 con toda la información de los pasos a seguir.

. ¿Es posible comprar más de una consulta online?

Sí, es posible comprar más de una consulta online con un abogado senior fiscalista.