Don’t pay taxes in order to help others


Not paying taxes has more to do with your fears and your lack of understanding of the process of creating and preserving wealth than it does with Tax Laws. With this book you will learn why investors do not pay taxes, and why and how you can have an investor’s tax system to not pay taxes, but in this book I will not teach you tax law. This is not a book about Tax Law.

“Don’t pay taxes in order to help others” will enable you to:

1.Not pay taxes, just like the rich.

2.Know how to pay lower taxes with your business or company.

3.Know what goals you must communicate to your tax consultant so he or she can help you.

4.Know what you need to do to save money on taxes.

5.Go from paying high taxes to paying low taxes.

6.Know the future of taxes.

Alvaro Saez Escudero has been defending taxpayers in the Courts against the Treasury for more than a decade. Alvaro is now taking action and wants to help people like you not to pay taxes or have problems with the Treasury. He stands for a fairer and more prosperous taxation for you and everyone.


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