✅Plan the development of your businesses in Spain through a Mentoring session with Álvaro Sáez.

✅Discover how to cut your tax bill in Spain using all the tools within your reach.

✅Design a strategy for your companies in Spain to achieve success.



It’s not what you sell, it’s what you earn. The first step is to sell, but a business is about earnings 💰, not sales.

You can sell but not know anything about balance sheets 📊, assets, liabilities, deductible expenses, amortisations or cash flow forecasts.

You can sell but know little more about the company’s finances other than charges and payments 💶, which are the items you see in your bank account.

But if you understand ➡️

Laws and Finance, if you understand Taxes, with the No. 1 Tax Lawyer you can earn money in Spain. In addition to selling, you can reduce taxes, protect your assets and save your business when the financial crisis hits.

What steps will we follow?

  • Step 1. Know yourself as a business owner, but also as a person.
  • Step 2. Know your businesses and personal and family asset situation.
  • Step 3. Seek measurable tax savings without changing the business and equity structure.
  • Step 4. Obtain measurable tax savings.
  • Step 5. Invest those tax savings obtained in optimising the business and equity structure.
  • Step 6. Obtain significant earnings and substantial tax savings.

What does a Mentoring session with Álvaro Sáez include?

  • Jointly designing a tax and legal strategy that will prevent you from losing what you value most.
  • Customised methodology to avoid paying Taxes.
  • Specific solutions to specific problems, avoiding unnecessary expenses and losses.

What will you discover at a Mentoring session with Álvaro Sáez?

  • How to save your business and structure your company to successfully overcome this crisis.
  • How to reduce taxes with the Álvaro Sáez method.
  • How to reinvest the money you’ll save on taxes.
  • How to organise the finances of your businesses beyond your personal finances. We’ll provide you with the financial mental structure to optimise your business.


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