✅Plan the development of your businesses in Spain through a Mentoring session with Álvaro Sáez.

✅Discover how to cut your tax bill in Spain using all the tools within your reach.

✅Design a strategy for your companies in Spain to achieve success.


It’s not what you sell, it’s what you earn. The first step is to sell, but a business is about earnings 💰, not sales.

You can sell but not know anything about balance sheets 📊, assets, liabilities, deductible expenses, amortisations or cash flow forecasts.

You can sell but know little more about the company’s finances other than charges and payments 💶, which are the items you see in your bank account.

But if you understand ➡️

Laws and Finance, if you understand Taxes, with the No. 1 Tax Lawyer you can earn money in Spain. In addition to selling, you can reduce taxes, protect your assets and save your business when the financial crisis hits.

  • Step 1. Know yourself as a business owner, but also as a person.
  • Step 2. Know your businesses and personal and family asset situation.
  • Step 3. Seek measurable tax savings without changing the business and equity structure.
  • Step 4. Obtain measurable tax savings.
  • Step 5. Invest those tax savings obtained in optimising the business and equity structure.
  • Step 6. Obtain significant earnings and substantial tax savings.
  • Jointly designing a tax and legal strategy that will prevent you from losing what you value most.
  • Customised methodology to avoid paying Taxes.
  • Specific solutions to specific problems, avoiding unnecessary expenses and losses.
  • How to save your business and structure your company to successfully overcome this crisis.
  • How to reduce taxes with the Álvaro Sáez method.
  • How to reinvest the money you’ll save on taxes.
  • How to organise the finances of your businesses beyond your personal finances. We’ll provide you with the financial mental structure to optimise your business.


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