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From a strategic point of view, Spain is perceived as an interesting platform for business globalisation. Not only to invest and do business with the prospect of working here, but also to gain access to third countries. Now, let us explain to you why.

Spain has the capacity to project itself as a global platform for business and international investments. It is an interesting scene for business and investment and one of the more appealing countries for foreign capital.

Our geostrategic position as a bridge between different markets is one of the key factors that explain the attractiveness as a core for business and company globalisation.

First, we provide free access to the world’s largest market. The European Union market has about 500 million consumers with a high level of income. Additionally, we provide a very favourable geographical access, full of coastlines.

We have close political, economic, cultural and business ties with the countries in the Mediterranean region, North Africa and the Middle East, and above all with Latin America, where Spain has a notable entrepreneurial leadership and business climate as well as a common business culture.

We can also create a relevant domestic market with easy access to growing markets, both in Europe and the American continent. The large potential to access other neighbouring economies is like an open door, and thankfully, the boost in tourism around the world is another undisputed benefit. In terms of tourism, we are one of the most competitive countries in the world and also one of those recording the fastest growth.

In addition to all of the above, regulation to foreign investment is very open.

Its exports represent more than 30 % of GDP.

An additional attractive feature in Spain is the language, its use in the economic world and the potential it offers. Spanish is the second language with the most native speakers (436 million) worldwide. But it is also the second language by population, the second most studied language on the planet and it also occupies second place as the most used language in terms of web content.

Business globalisation in Spain, as a general rule, receives identical treatment to the type Spanish investors receive and undoubtedly, is another advantage. Foreign investments can be made freely, without prior authorisation or notification.

B2B trading in the EU is exempt from VAT, paying taxes, or in this case not paying taxes, and it is one of the greatest incentives to becoming global here.

To promote the free transfer of goods between EU member states, all B2B transactions for the purchase and sale of goods between countries in the European Union are VAT-free.

The legal certainty of the country is one of our other main virtues. Meanwhile, the legal standards and regulations imposed on the business framework, the facility for the same, the levels of transparency, the efficiency of the legal system as well as the existing institutional support system are key to foreign investments by making them easier and encouraging them.

Nowadays, when the international economy is facing certain protectionist and nationalist tensions (see Brexit), Spain continues to face the current economic challenges by opening its economy to the outside world, reinforcing its commitment to the construction of the European Union and to a system of trade integration.

Our country continues to bet firmly on the idea of economic development.

We bet on the economic and social well-being of our citizens who depend largely on whether we are an active and dynamic country in the world as well as on our companies, from here or otherwise, and that they can continue doing business from Spain in all corners of the world.

In addition to the favourable market conditions, in terms of its size, safety and openness, Spain has other important strategic assets: a high degree of stability, both economically and socio-politically as well as firmly established, innovative and well-developed telecommunications systems with high rates of saturation for both fixed and mobile services and a strong focus on the deployment of high-speed networks. Both factors point to Spain as a country of business opportunities and they ensure, in some way, a return on investment.

The quality of life may sound like an unrealistic advantage, that the sun and landscape are a feature of globalisation that appear to be just marketing with the “Made in Spain” brand and little else. But this is not the case, in fact, it is usually one of the key reasons why foreign investors choose our country. Spain has 8 000 kilometres of landscaped coastline, beautiful beaches, an excellent climate with more than 300 days of sunshine per year and an enviable healthcare system.

The country’s quality of life is a fundamental factor both in the localisation decisions of business investment and from the perspective of attracting and retaining domestic and foreign talent, since the balance between personal and working life in the 21st century is decisive.

Expatriates in Spain live better.

And finally, talent, as a definitive factor when talking about the competitiveness of companies and their potential. The availability and qualification of local talent, from Spanish talent, is high. Data on enrolment in higher education (university) is the second highest at a European level which results in a significant mass of highly qualified graduates at the entrepreneur’s disposal.

Now that you know the multiple advantages of an LC – SL here, from business globalisation in Spain, you only need someone to guide you in the process of safely globalising your company here.

We at SAEZ.LAW along with Alvaro Sáez as the best tax lawyer, have been advising entrepreneurs online for more than 10 years on the creation of their LC – SL in Spain.

But our service is not only online, it is also offline, and we will be your support in Spain, your partner, your tax lawyer, not only during the creation of the LC – SL, but throughout your entire business venture in Spain.

Our product, business globalisation in Spain, includes:

  • Analysis of your business’ feasibility in Spain.
  • Design of the best strategy for your company’s implementation in Spain.
  • Guide and walk-through all the necessary procedures for your company’s creation.

Because you want to have the best tax and legal advice to establish your business in Spain, we offer you the services of the number one tax lawyer, Álvaro Sáez.

After paying for our product, business globalisation in Spain, we will set up an appointment with our tax and legal expert Álvaro Sáez. Our expert will meet with you to analyse and design the best way to establish your business in Spain, indicating the steps to follow for the creation of your company in Spanish territory.

You can choose to hold the meeting with Álvaro Sáez, tax and legal expert, a tour offices or by videoconference.

Therefore, with the best guarantees and following our instructions you will have your company in Spain available within seven days.

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