SAEZ.LAW was founded by the Tax Lawyer Álvaro Sáez in 2017 in the town of Poio in the province of Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain).

My story. Álvaro Sáez

I was born in February 1983 in Pontevedra (Galicia) and I am the son of an Administrative Manager of Pontevedra and an Insurance Agent.

My grandparents were bakers in Rioscuro de Laciana (León) and cattlemen in A Barca, Poio (Pontevedra).

I spent the summers of my childhood with my grandparents Paco and Piedad in Rioscuro while both ruled the bakery, and it was in those first summers when, through the day-to-day observation of the bakery, of the deal with the clients, with the workers and with the suppliers, the foundations were laid for the entrepreneurial culture that in 2017 led me to found SAEZ.LAW.

During my adolescence and youth my trips to learn languages were frequent and I frequented countries like Ireland, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, France and Portugal, living also 1 year in Dublin and 6 months in O Porto. These experiences offered me the possibility of expanding my cultural baggage by opening myself to different people and cultures.



I had an excellent school trip, studying at the SEK-Atlántico, prestigious international school of Pontevedra, and ICADE (Madrid), currently recognized as the most prestigious School for Lawyers in Spain.

After finishing my studies I started my professional career as a Tax Attorney in the law firm CUATRECASAS, 2nd by national invoicing.

After working in CUATRECASAS, I started to dedicate myself to the family business in SÁEZ PROFESIONALES, achieving an increase of 50% in just over 5 years.


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