The professionals that make up the Fiscal Law Area of ​​SAEZ.LAW offer our clients excellent advice of great added value that allows them to enjoy all the tax advantages offered by the Spanish Tax System.

The Fiscal Law Area of ​​SAEZ.LAW covers a wide range of services and is a leader in matters related to business tax advice, both in relation to recurring matters or ongoing advice (Corporation Tax, Value Added Tax, Tax on the Income of Individuals, Non-Resident Income Tax), as in the analysis and incidence of tax issues in corporate restructuring operations and in Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) processes (due diligence, acquisitions of shares or assets , fiscal regime of merger and division operations, etc.).

SAEZ.LAW also has recognized experience in processes of restructuring of personal assets, taxation of real estate transactions, tax regime of foundations and patronage, family business and succession planning.

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