Dutch Company – Invest in Spain

A Spanish subsidiary of a Duth Company may be a legitimate option to invest in Real Estate in Spain.

Company Type: BV
Our Fees: €2.500

Key points

• A BV requires only 1 director who can be of any nationality.
• Only 1 shareholder required who may be either an individual or corporate body.
• Share Capital requirement is €18,000.
• A BV does not require a Supervisory Board, as long as it employs less than 100 workers in the Netherlands.
• We provide you with full expert assistance throughout every step of the company formation process.

Documents and Information

To incorporate your Dutch company we require:
• Desired Company name.
• Company address.
• Proposed business activities.

After the Dutch Company is formed, we would take care of the formation of the Spanish subsidiary and we would provide all necessary advice to buy real estate in Spain.

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